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A soggy under-water dildo.
That's like saying a Sea Cucumber is like a Shark. One is a soggy under-water dildo, and the other is a killing machine.
by Faenaussa July 06, 2011
73 20
An uncircumsized penis
Tim has a sea cucumber.
by punkrockerz420 October 16, 2007
94 46
A boner popped while one is at least 20 feet under water, commonely while scuba diving, snorkling, or swimming with Meghan Fox.
Bob, I think I may have scratched my weiner when i got that seacucumber while scubadiving in the Bahamas last week.
by Spudnigga June 22, 2011
2 2
A man with a thick and (LONG) cock. Also may smell like fish due to non-hygenic person.
Frank has a sea cucumber, its nice, but FUCK it smells!
by Frances#101 March 16, 2006
29 51
A long, massive terd that is set afloat in one sitting.
Dude, i just launched a huge sea cucumber! it was HUGE!
by La'Sarah January 03, 2008
4 43
The disgusting sexual act of suckling another's prolapsed colon before it re-enters the body cavity.
Jim sea cucumbered John.
by teeBagger May 04, 2007
13 54