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A lady who wipes her arse the wrong way wiping shit into her minge.
Taken from the words "shit" and "cunt".

Orig. The Plough Inn, Great Clacton... The Land Lady was a scunter
i'll never go down on her again, she was a scunter!
by SiPac January 04, 2007
An ugly or repulsive woman
here mate your missus is a right scunter
by Geordie boy Luton October 14, 2003
If someone is so ferral you could refer to them as a Scummy cunt munter . Scunter
Dont shit on my carpet you scunter
by carmelle cream head November 22, 2011
In the uk a person who dresses rough ,does'nt shower,shave,has money but does'nt spend it!, it could be a man or woman , particularly a person whos has money but likes to act tight and does not want to spend a penny,
a scunter,a person who does rude acts in public like scratching him/herself in a restraurant while people are serving food example in a buffett . wears work clothes, example boots when he is not working during social time.
by sergiomandez January 18, 2015
a dirty or untidy patron at a bar or night-club. Word is a combination of "scummy" and "punter". First used, I believe, by staff at the University of Canterbury Students Union to describe some of the untidy patrons. Was once put on the blackboard at the main entrance to a "stein" (Live gig). It was written "No Scunters" and attracted a lot of questions from curious students.
"Lets not let that scunter in."
"Check those scunters out."
by the bogun April 02, 2010

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