a fancy word for freak/nutsack/homo
oooooooo shit. you's a scuddle mofo, sheeeeitt
by Jeffery Shankabum September 23, 2006
Top Definition
To cuddle in the scud (naked)
You defo want to scuddle

Lets get freaky and scuddle
by Shig93 January 02, 2014
An backwards cuddle that is intended as a vertical, non-sexualn spoon between two induviduals
"I'm sad, lets scuddle"!
by Lolren October 18, 2009
Sketch cuddle.
I was cuddling with my gf and then i realized what she had in her pants..Sketch. Scuddling. Scuddle.
by tiffanylaurenxo December 27, 2010
To Scuddle: the act of walking sideways performed by crabs and other invertibrates.
Dr. Zoidburg from Futurama scuddles all the time
by dank84 January 01, 2008
The Act Od Spooning, With Cuddles
Guy : Fancy A Spoon And Cuddles

Girl : Dont You Mean Scuddles

Guy: Yeahhh !
by GrimLawton September 22, 2011
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