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To cuddle in the scud (naked)
You defo want to scuddle

Lets get freaky and scuddle
by Shig93 January 02, 2014
An backwards cuddle that is intended as a vertical, non-sexualn spoon between two induviduals
"I'm sad, lets scuddle"!
by Lolren October 18, 2009
Sketch cuddle.
I was cuddling with my gf and then i realized what she had in her pants..Sketch. Scuddling. Scuddle.
by tiffanylaurenxo December 27, 2010
The Act Od Spooning, With Cuddles
Guy : Fancy A Spoon And Cuddles

Girl : Dont You Mean Scuddles

Guy: Yeahhh !
by GrimLawton September 22, 2011
to cuddle in an "s" shape
I scuddled with Tyler.
by Anna Kate October 27, 2005
To Scuddle: the act of walking sideways performed by crabs and other invertibrates.
Dr. Zoidburg from Futurama scuddles all the time
by dank84 January 01, 2008
a fancy word for freak/nutsack/homo
oooooooo shit. you's a scuddle mofo, sheeeeitt
by Jeffery Shankabum September 23, 2006