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Scrumble is the official Facebook application for Premiership Rugby. As the best way to organize attending a game with your mates, the Scrumble app serves as a seamless event planning hub to organize every detail of a cracking day at the rugby. The application ensures that the most important details get sorted, including who’s attending and where and when to meet, whilst not leaving out the fun bits, like who’s paying the first round, predictions for the match’s first scorer, and other “rules of the day”.
I'm going to a Premiership Rugby match in two weeks, guess it's time to set up a Scrumble.
by lunchanddinner September 16, 2010
Scrumble is the act of getting mates together to watch a rugby match. Scrumble is derived from two words - scrum and bundle. Scrumble is also the name of a Facebook app which lets you Scrumble online.
“Fancy going to watch Tigers give Quinns a big slapping on Saturday?... better organise a Scrumble then you fucking douche”

“London Irish are losing to Bath again this Saturday, let’s scrumble it and go and laugh at the plastic Paddies!”
by poobrainer September 16, 2010
(Noun) A mushy substance found in the drain cover of your sink after you wash the dishes. It is usually brown and found in small round chunks. (plural-Scrumbles)
I washed my dishes and saw all of the wet scrumbles sitting in the drain filter.
by MpegEVIL April 12, 2011
A rumbling in your scrotum
Hey man, this dance club's speakers are so loud that they are giving me a scrumble. Now I have the weirdest boner.
by Lord Shmekel November 12, 2011
When the dranduft of various food particals are too small to be scraps but too big to be crumbles.
The scrumbles fell out of the toaster when it was turned upside down.

I hate cleaning up after toddlers eat because their scrumbles are always so sticky.
by dawn January 01, 2004
When a woman (or male) is wearing granny-panties or other larger undergarments, they bunch up and you can see them through their pants.
Dude, look at that girl, you can totally see her scrumbles through her jeans. Gross!
by kelsie8 January 30, 2010
1. When constantly called Scrumble(s) it means you are an awesome person that can sometimes be annoying.
2. When you say someone is a scrumble that means they are being annoying.
1. I think I am going to start calling you Scrumbles broseph.

2. Dude your being such a scrumble right now.
by Scrumbles November 09, 2010
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