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to borrow (a small amount or item) with no intention of repaying or returning it:
"Lets just show up at Deans with no money and just scrounge up as much weed as we can get."
by The daily smokers April 07, 2009
To obtain something by means of clever and resourceful investigation and surreptitious action. The careful and prudent scrounger never reveals his sources, or whether the scrounged object was stolen or merely liberated from its surroundings.

A scrounger is an important and valued person in prison camps, jails, and college dormatories.
The Captain sent Sergeant Bates out to scrounge for a camera and some film.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
An ugly woman, who is dishelved in appearance.

---First heard in WSC's song "Gangsta Nation" in the verse-

"Sings like Ashanti, body like Beyoncé, face like Andre, UGH. Bitch you kinda strange,"

The word 'strange' has an emphasis put on the "e", and to the novice rap listener, sounds like 'scroungé.'
Did you just see her? Hot.
Yeah right, she was scroungé.

by 78l79i7 October 18, 2007
someone who mooches everything always
Alex Glatt is a scrounge
by joyezz420 March 20, 2009
1.To be constantly looking for something to get into.
2.Someone who is almost like a begger.
1. Quit scronging, or u might get into trouble

2. The scrounge stood at the street corner begging for food.
by Taylerjc December 28, 2007
Dirty, with White Trash tendencies. Can be seen in large groups smelling, chaseing ugly girls around, and wrestling. Also watches Nascar.
Randal Goins is a huge dirty scrounge!
by B-Rash aka "Every Time" December 27, 2003
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