To politely beg for something, to get something off someone.

Someone who is generally a fool, failure, an idiot or a very annoying person, i.e a scrounge, a scrounger.

To describe something that has gone delightfully wrong or to describe something tasty, i.e scroungelicious, scroungificent or scroungic.
"Scrounge as much ammunition as you can, the guys back at the base could give you some."

"That guy over there is such a scrounger, all he does is shout at people all day long."

"That was abseloutely scroungic!"
by TheGeneralofEyebrows May 03, 2010
A small amount of weed left over after someone rolls a joint.
"Hey man, what do you want me to do with your scrounge?"
"Put it with the rest, we'll put it in the next one!"
by BelieveInCoexistance February 17, 2009
An individual who has no fixed residence and has to scrounge(Ibegya) to all his friends in order to survive.
Scrounge also enters a relationship with another partner only if they are 10 years older or 10 years younger than them.
See also Finn
1. Sus heres Finn the Scrounge.
2. Quick hide your daughter its Scrounge.
by OurDoyleKidd February 18, 2011
A scruffy, sex-starved girl who never washes her hair and will suck a dick at a moment's notice. Typically found in large groups wearing punk paraphernalia and adorned with multiple piercings or patches on clothing. They often try to pass themselves off as "artistic" or "unique," but in reality they are walking STD-fests.
Emily got fucked up the ass by three guys last night... what a scrounge
by Anonymous April 05, 2005
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