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Scroting, the act of a male adjusting his balls or cupping himself with actual contact, with no cloth or material divide.

dude, stop scroting they aint gonna fall off.
by Spegbore August 26, 2007
(v): The act of yelling at oblivious passerbys the name of male genitalia and observing their reactions. Usually this act is done in a car making getaways easy.
Whilst in the act of scroting:

Jon: Dude, you should totally scrot this old lady.

by deadwing2113 November 16, 2009
The act of pulling your scrotum out through the zipper of one's pants, and proceeding to show your friends in a public setting without being caught by bystanders.
Dude quit scroting, the flight attendant just saw your balls.
by Scrote Master November 18, 2009

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