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A goatee that has patches or looks thin/ugly. The implication made that their goatee looks like ball hair.

Generally found on a teenager who has never shaved before and growing their first goatee.
"Hey there, I see your growing a scrotee."
by Mxmaster December 17, 2005
When a woman sports a beard made of nut juice.

See: Chin Tinsel
Hey! Don't try to kiss me with that Scrotee. Go clean up first.

And use mouthwash.
by 1troglodite April 06, 2009
When a man shaves all of his pubes, but leaves his balls hairy.
I was afraid of nicking my sack when I shaved off my pubes, so I decided to go with the scrotee look.
by stewyrich December 23, 2009
When you shave everything below the waist except for the taint.
Joe was thinking about growing a scrotee to impress his girlfreind
by Chris and Joey April 16, 2008
Scrotee - When person A inverts themselves and places their taint near the mouth of person B, thus making their balls fall on, and beyond, person B's chin. The placement of person A's balls makes person B appear to be wearing balls as facial hair, or "goatee" made of scrotum.
Did you see Bruno make Eminem wear a Scrotee at the Mtv Movie awards?
by buddhadh June 01, 2009
Scrotee - 1.Means when a certain individual known as "person 1" is trying to emphasize resentment towards another, "person 2" by scalping person 2's scrotum with a blunt instrument or if really manly, using bare hands, then placing skin on chin making it seem as if person 1 has a goatee. Therefore the name combining scrotum and goatee into scrotee. 2. A way of gloating about someone being an imbecile.
When that kid they call Train acted like a fuck stick again, Scott scroteed him.
by Scott Rush April 07, 2005

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