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An intense or long lasting itch on your balls
I have a bad case of scrotchies at the moment
by Thatotheririshguy September 26, 2011
a male condition which causes irritation to the scrotal area, which can only be relieve with monkey butt powder, purchaseable at your local farm/ranch supply store. Can also be used to describe a cranky attitude. (Which would be cause by the irritation of the scrotal area.)
Randy Jackson was being all scrotchy towards David Cook on American Idol.
by Akeith_85 May 15, 2008
An elastic band designed for keeping oversized scrotums from hanging too low. Similar to "scrunchie" elastic hair bands, but designed specifically for the testicles.
Mike has to put on his scrotchy before the basketball game so his balls don't hang out the bottom of his shorts
by turkeystuffer May 23, 2009
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