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A "Scroob" is both a "scrub" and a "noob". A "scroob" is someone who is obnoxious, annoying, loud, cheap and a novice. It is a term used to define people who are acting out of their normal character and behaving in a mischievous manner.
Narani, quit acting like a "scroob".

That guy has never played this game before and he's raging, what a "scroob"!
by LegaiAA January 26, 2014
Saggy empy wrinkly boobs - 'Scroobs'. Scrotum Boobs
Boy: ''Urgh did you see that old bint on da beach, proper saggy and naked!''

Boys Friend: ''Yea dat bitch has got some Scroobs on her boy"
by BareNiceJM April 23, 2010
It is actually spelled scr00b, with zero's not o's, scr00b is a combination
of scrub and n00b. A super newbie if you will. It is used for basicly eveyrthing, just like the word fuck!

This word is generally used in gameing and in online use. But some kids near detrioit michigan use it for everything ;-)
killing your self in halo you get called a scr00b.
"you are a scr00b jack ass"
"how could you be so scr00by?"
by Jay May 20, 2004
N. An inept beginner or novice. Root phrase: screwed-up noobie.
Programming: When it comes to Assembly language, sometimes I feel like a scroob.

Gaming (insult): Oh, you want to capture my flag? Well, here, have a land mine, scroob.
by Brother Dave August 06, 2003
Scrooge + Noob! A Scroob is one who is not willing to spend an extra 3% on an item in relation to its price. If scrooge the miser was on runescape!
Furthermore they have their own moronic market prices.
Scroob - "I'll Buy ur sara plate"

Person - "sure, its 1.1mil, fixed price"

Scroob - "900k plus spinach roll?"

Person - "Scr00b!!"

by ih8froobs June 23, 2007
To get of on something or some situation, pretty darn hardcore. To enjoy something to the point that it borders on the obscene. Limited to the Sacramento area.
That Soul Coughing disc is SCROOBIN' man!
by Anonymous August 08, 2003
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