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a combination of a scrub and a n00b

a stud playa on opposite day

this guy gives no contribution to the common good of the world and has no lyfe, ambition, money, girl, future,car,actual house or talents

hes that guy always riding in the back seat and who you tell to forget the couch...go right to the floor

he is the ultimate scrub...hes at the point where hes a n00b at being a scrub...he takes scrub to a new level

its that guy who just got cut from the 3rds team and he still walks around thinking hes not a fucking loser...even though your laughing to yourself saying whatta fucking scr00b
WOW that kid maurice with the american eagle shoes and scrubby flow is a fucking scr00b!!!
by Zach Arlia May 08, 2008
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