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Not quite scratching yet not quite rubbing.
"Would you please scrontch my back?"

"He kept awkwardly scrontching me"
by Gibby5 October 23, 2011
Smaller than small, tinier than tiny.
Hey, could you turn the radio down just a scrontch?
by ScrotchThis June 02, 2006
Smaller than small; smaller than tiny.
"Hey, could you please turn that radio down just a scrontch?"
by ScrotchThis May 29, 2006
Scritching or scratching at the scrotum.

The sound made when you run over a squirrel with your car.

Not being able to think.
Billy, stop scrontch and come out and play.

I made the loudest scrontch the other day when I ran over the obese squirrel.

Man, I'm scrontched for words to describe how pathetic your existence is.
by Rahir Jabbar December 11, 2006
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