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A student from Scripps Ranch High School, or Scripps Ranch, San Diego, CA. It is used to describe someone who dresses very preppy, hence the term Scrippy(Scripps + Preppy).
He is such a Scrippy with his La Costa shirt and popped collar.
by scrippsranchstudent November 17, 2007
1. A rich, preppy white kid who lives in Scripps Ranch 2. A parent who cares too much about their rep 3. Someone who always has weed, and smokes way too much.
"Wow, look at that kid."
"Damn, that's a scrippy forsure"
by WhiteGirl6395 February 23, 2010
Usually used to describe a SRHS student, but can refer to anybody living in Scripps Ranch. A scrippy has parents that drive BMWs, received a new car for their 16th birthday, and probably has a (san diego super) Charger living on their street. Scrippy does NOT describe snotty, anorexic bitches in Hollister and Abercrombie - we prefer Ed hardy, True Religion, and Seven For All Mankind.
AJ and Will were at Edwards yesterday and they saw a mob of smokin hot girls. They were decked in Ed Hardy shirts and rockin the True Religion jeans, but they left in their '08 3 series. Mmmmm, scrippies.
by Melissa Kayleigh December 02, 2008
Someone who acts like your friend to your face but talks back about you behind your back. Someone who is fake.
Bella: "Hey Hailey"
Hailey: "Hey Bella!"
Peyton: "omg Hailey do you actually like her?"

Hailey: "What?? No she's annoying"

Peyton: "Okay good:)"
Bella: "What a scrippy"
by Ispeakthetruth121213 May 24, 2016
People who live in Scripps Ranch San Diego, who are usually white, rich and snotty. They bitch to each other the dramas that happen at parties the night before and think their the shit. They mosty dress all the same, buying their clothes from places like Abercorombie & Fitch and Hollister, making sure their skinny enough to fit in them. Overall, unpleasant people.

Note: Not all people who live in Scripps Ranch are Scrippies. There are the few, cool people who are still cool.
See that group of girls? Their all bitchy Scrippies.
by Charlotte Michelle Brown August 29, 2008
Adults talking like children to each other - especially middle-aged suburban dads trying to hold on to a sense of humour. Often characterised by calling each other 'mummy'
"Hello mummy, I've cleaned my booties today", said Dave in scrippy voice
by KiplingThankyouPlease January 18, 2014
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