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The end of a scrat, or someone's dick, like a fag-end only more generally repulsive.
Devvo - "Or I might just write, 'You fuckin' scrat-end, by Devvo'."
by Devvo March 17, 2005
1. Literally, another word for the head of a penis.
2. A chavvy insult, equivalent to jebend or bellend

"Fuck off ya scratend!"
by Andrew Gallimore June 02, 2006
the flakey bits of poo that cling to the end of a persons anal hairs.
mate are you coming out? nah mate im cleaning my scrat-end.
by jonto93 June 06, 2009
meaning either:

a) a discarded cigarette end.


b) a small piece of gristle from the end of a piece of meat.

usually used as an insult, especially when the latter meaning is in context. used by those of a more chav-like disposition, or when emulating or parodising a chav
"hey john, what are you doing down there?"
"lookin' for some scrat-ends."

"yer fuckin' scrat-end!"
by arto October 13, 2005
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