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A Runsell is either an undefined mesurement, a packeted savoury snack (such as potato crisps) or a combonation of the two.
Dude, how many Runsells of sugar do you want in your tea? Just one please

Give us some peanuts? NO i only have a Runsell left

Hey can i have one of your Runsells? NO
by jonto93 March 10, 2009
the flakey bits of poo that cling to the end of a persons anal hairs.
mate are you coming out? nah mate im cleaning my scrat-end.
by jonto93 June 06, 2009
To dalloway, is to completely fail at a task, resulting in a comedic circumstance. The term is best used in football; when kicking a ball and falling over, hitting a less prefered target, or just kicking it into the air. People tend to laugh at and mock those who dallaway.

Dalloway is also a term for premature ejaculation is vast quantity.

A Dalloway is a person who does either one or both of these things regularly.
Dude, i was about to take the shot but i completely dallowayed it.

It was so embarrasing, i dallowayed all over myself, everyone was watching.

You see that guy over there? Yeah, he's one of those Dalloways.
by jonto93 June 06, 2009

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