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After proving unsuccessful in numerous attempts to pick up an attractive woman, moving on to the woman of lesser quality with the sole purpose of sleeping with them. "Scraping" is a last resort and is only to be attempted when all other options have been exhausted.
"Hey, this place is about to close I'm about to go scrape these two fat chicks over there for us"

"I'm not having any luck with all the bitches in this club tonight, time to do some last minute scraping"
by CBass151 September 14, 2011
1. A black hat SEO spam technique in which the spammer plagiarizes content from other web sites to put content that's popular with search engines on his own site, often for the purpose of selling advertising back to the ijit search engines. Also used as a Google bowling technique to get competing web sites labeled as SEO spam.

2. Fighting.

3. Beating up someone.

4. Living in poverty.
1. Google eventually wises up to each new SEO spamming technique, so scraping will eventually get you banned.

2. Evrabody be Kung Fu Scraping! (Sung just as badly as it's worded.)

3. When I get done scraping him, his mama will have to finish scraping him off the floor.

4. They were just scraping by.
by Downstrike October 24, 2005
When driving past another car when there's not enough room for both of you.
You give the other car scrapings
"I'll fucking scrape you butt!"
by illest January 31, 2004
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