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Fun, crazy, beautiful, witty, sarcastic, loving, kind, stupid funny, precious, good-catch, smart, kinda psychic, loves to be looney, loves chocolate way too much, eyes the color of the carribean, empathetic, a girl you can't live without, once you've met her...you can't get her out of your mind. Once you've kissed her, you're hooked. When she falls in love with someone, she falls hard and deep and will stay by you forever...unless you do some dumb shit. She loves to laugh, play, and have fun. You don't want to ever see or make her cry. True inner beauty, loves God, babies, and small animals. Hates spiders and roaches. Loves to cook and bake...a very good mother. Total package.
Wow..that girl has it all.. her name must be Heather
by woopdeedoodledoo February 02, 2010
An amazing man! Tall, powerful, sexy, intelligent, kind, caring, thoughtful, protective, responsible, and selfless. Gorgeous! Men with this name usually have very big, thick dick's and can last for hours. They also know how to please women orally. In fact, it's well known that if you meet a "scott" you could fall madly in love with him if you're not careful.
Girl #1-Oh damn..I just fell in love!
Girl #2-With who!?!
Girl #1- This guy I met a couple weeks ago...
Girl #2- Girl what's his name?
Girl#1- His name is Scott
Girl #2- Damn Girl I told you to stay away from men named Scott!
by woopdeedoodledoo February 02, 2010
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