A great movie star. Seems that he'll do good as governer of California. A body builder. He came to the USA with a DREAM. Starred in the Terminator movies as our favorite T-800. If there is a god, this could be a message from him. PS: All you people who don't like Arnie need to shut the fuck up, learn what a good movie is and vote Arnold or I'll kill you!
It's nottah tumah!!!
by horror_blood October 22, 2003
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Funny actor, funny governor. In the process of rescuing California (Pronounced CAHL E FOUR KNEE UHHH) from random terroists that threaten to blow up California with a bunch of explosives.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is also proficiant in firing an M-60 with one arm with perfect accuracy. He has also mastered holding and firing two assault rifles at the same time, WHILE dislodging a 8 foot pipe from a wall amd chucking it as if was a spear and impaling the one who was unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of the aforementioned pipe. Another noteworth mention, is that he can wipe out an entire army without even as much as a single scratch, as seen in the movie commando
by Not Zane September 09, 2004
Hollywood muscleman with an impressive array of bodybuilding titles, including multiple Mr. UNIVERSE, Olympia and World. Even has his own bodybuilding competition. The king of one liners
"If it bleeds, you can kill it"- Predator

"Fuck you, asshole" - Terminator

"Hasta la vista, baby" - T2

"I'll be back"- T1

by Gumba Gumba February 20, 2004
"the Governator is out there"
by kani September 06, 2003
The GREATEST human being ever to have lived. His films will be staples of the national curriculum in years to come.Unfairly criticised for his acting performances, yet has made more classic films than anyone in recent memory (e.g. Commando, Total Recall, The Running Man, Conan 1 & 2 - to name a few!!). An inspiration to everyone, Arnold should be made president of the universe.

Ben Richards (Scharwzenegger)...he's one mean motherfucker!
Schwarzenegger owns all. Including your mum.
by OS67 November 16, 2006
According to the Demolition Man movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger eventually became President of the United States and built a huge library in his name.
I can't wait till Terminator 4. We might even get to see old Schwarzenegger carrying a walking stick.
by uh oh October 08, 2003
action film star elected governor of california. Holds the record for least comprehension of english proportional to time spent in english-speaking country.

It is puzzling how cali voters could be worked into anti-immigrant frenzies by a man who talks like ahhnold does.
schwarzenegger, you've been in america 23 years? why the fuck do you still have an accent?
by maks July 28, 2004
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