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An erotic dream that culminates in an emmision of ejaculatory fluid. Often referred to as a nocturnal emmision. Also slang for any extremely pleasurable event.
Everything was great until they showed up. They could fuck up a wet dream!
by numerator April 30, 2005
A person,thing or event to be held in high regard. From the meticulous treatment and devotional attention a feline bestowes on its hindquarters. Not in wide useage.
You look that good and can cook too? Damn if you ain't about the cats ass!
by numerator April 29, 2005
The assembly that engages and disengages a transmission. Performing successfully while under pressure. A group of baby birds. A ladies handbag. A grasp or hold.
Nice work with that clutch dumbass, that gear didn't need all those teeth anyway!
by numerator April 30, 2005
A misspelling of young'un. Young one. A child or one who acts in an immature manner.
That young'un is a pain in the ass!
by numerator April 30, 2005
An attempt to further dominate the cyber world by Microsoft.
Is msn messenger superior to the other IM's? No, but Bill Gates likes it.
by numerator May 02, 2005
A weapon of remarkable simplicity and reliability. Though not as accurate as a Colt, it will continue to function effectively in adverse environmental conditions when others fail. Lightweight and user friendly, it is inexpensive and uses easily obtainable rounds. It's unique report identifies the user as a foe of U.S. forces.
That's an AK ; unfriendlies in the vicinity!!
by numerator April 30, 2005
A state of mind achieved by allowing something personally satistying to enable you to ignore the pain and misery in the world. A feeling of euphoria.
It makes me happy when you compliment me on my sexual prowess
by numerator April 30, 2005

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