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A sandy vagina. Literally.
Woman1: It sucks. I had sex on the beach last night.
Woman2: You get a Schu-Bunny?
Woman1: Yes. =(
by Joe January 12, 2005
A synonym for the word "Penis".
After a long night of porno, the teenage boy went off to stroke his Schu-Bunny.
by Cecil October 20, 2003
Some people can have quite a Schu-Bunny fetish with the eyes.
by rofl October 20, 2003
Bitchy yet beautiful.Easily forgotten by others and has too many people looking at her boobs.
Guy: 0_0
SchuBunny: What are you looking at...?
Guy: XD~~~~~~~~ (_)(_)
by Anonymous June 05, 2003
High sexual innuendo.
Girl: What's up with all the Schu-Bunny?

Guy: Is that a bad thing?
by anime_ch1x0r January 11, 2005
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