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a really crappy wannabe punk band from brentwood bay, canada
by rofl August 11, 2003
an adult toy
hey julius, if you want t play with my vibrating FILDO when you're going to have to find 2 AAA's.
by ROFL October 09, 2003
1. One who sucks cock.
Quit being such a cockleech you flamer
by rofl February 10, 2003
Some people can have quite a Schu-Bunny fetish with the eyes.
by rofl October 20, 2003
When ROFL just isn't enough for something really funny, use ROFLSCUD!! This is used to rofl at something REALLY funny.
-"Hey look, George Bush fell off the stage today"
by ROFL February 12, 2005
sum smelly bum that has no toes!
by ROFL January 22, 2003
a gay homosexual person who sucks so bad in quake.
own me everyone im a newbie
by ROFL March 10, 2003
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