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To divert conversation to a better/more comfortable subject, or simply to avoid the current subject in order to get one's self out of the shit...used sometimes as an alternative to 'pass us that spade mate'
Man: Will you marry me?
Woman: Seven.
Man: Is that yes then?
Woman: Seven.
Man: So it's a no?
Woman: Seven.
Man: Seven what?
Woman: Seven.
Man: What d'ya mean seven?
Woman: Seven.
Man: Seven o'clock?
Woman: Seven.
Man: Seven deadly sins?
Woman: Seven.
Man: Seven wonders of the world...
Woman: Seven.
Man: Eight
Woman: Seven.
Man: Six
Woman: Seven.
Man: Fuck it.
....Mission Accomplished!!
by Cecil April 10, 2005
(noun): a person who has sweaty butt sex with a woman weighing no less than 220 lbs. and has at least two cases of venerial diseases.
(verb): the act of being the dooode
will paine is so gay he's a fairy
by cecil February 08, 2005
the smart ass kid behind the counter who spits in cop's food and pokes holes into their soda cups
"Burger Punk......YOU SON OF A BITCH!"
by CECIL July 10, 2003
(verb): the act of tounge wrestling an incapacitated female prior to her releasing her previously digested substances orally. Once digested food has escaped the digestive track, the male continues to make out with the female before she has brushed her teeth.
Damn! Did you see Will give Callie the paine special. That was gross.
by cecil March 18, 2005
A synonym for the word "Penis".
After a long night of porno, the teenage boy went off to stroke his Schu-Bunny.
by Cecil October 20, 2003
In the same vein as "Female ejaculation", The result of a particularly draining sexual experience. Sexual Climax brings about the involuntary relaxation of the arse sphincter, causing the "love chocolate" to flow.
" No, it's only love chocolate, honey, I swear! It's okay to eat it!"
by Cecil January 09, 2005
Expense Fraud.
That guy done a bardsloid by putting 3 lapdances on his expenses and fiddling the receipts.
by Cecil January 16, 2004

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