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A company that makes some of the best guitars in the world, but nobody has ever heard of it.
Guitarist 1: I just got a new guitar!
Guitarist 2: Awesome! What kind is it?
Guitarist 1: A Schecter.
Guitarist 2: A what?
Guitarist 1: A Schecter!
Guitarist 2: Don't you mean a Fender?
by Mike the Ekim April 09, 2005
Company that makes aweseome yet underated guitars. Also the brand used by synyster gates and zacky vengeance of the popular band avenged sevenfold.
Me: Aw, i found this awesome guitar!
Friend: What is it?
Me: Schecter!
Friend: A what?!
Me: The guitar brand that Syn uses! Schecter!
by seizetheday610 May 06, 2006
A synonym for a bathroom, derived from the career of Ryan Sheckler.
Wow, stay out of the schecter man, I had tacos last night.
by Big Mang Flave October 17, 2009
one who vomits on ones genitals while giving oral sex.
jaime was hooking up with nick and pulled a schecter
by Will Lewis March 10, 2003