A specific type of beard stretching from ear to ear grown by men whose facial hair only grows below the jawline, creating a natural scarf.
If you want to go to the bar with us tonight, you need to shave the scarf.
by DjTrippin May 14, 2007
(noun)a person who's always asking to get something of yours for free,usually weed,cigarettes,booze,or food. (verb)to engage in the behavior of a scarf. derived from the term Apple scruff;a derogatory name given to hangers-on of the Beatles after they formed their own record label,Apple Records.coined by my friends and I in middle school in the Seventies.
Man,that Dillon is such a scarf,he should get a part time job,just like the rest of us stoners.
by skittles63 February 28, 2009
A pair of Breasts.

The term was coined between 2008-2010 by a commenter on the website Doujin-moe.
Man1: "whoa check out that girls scarf"

Guy1:" you got some nice scarfs there"
Gal1:" but I'm not wearings a scarf"
Guy1:"yes you are... believe me, those are some great scarfs...*drools*"
by DishyLemon March 08, 2011
Although the origins of the word "scarf"are unclear, most belive the term was first used during the Roman era, where romans and spartans alike screamed it in order to scare off invading huns. After a 500 year hiatus, the term was rekindled in the middle ages when kings would "scarf"their peasents. When a member of lower society would rob a merchant, kings and lords would drop them in scadling hot cow urine and scarf, or cut, off all their limbs. This was the firt time in its history the term was used in a negative way. The term was then brought back to it's original positive purpose when jacques cartier discovered the americans. Several history books state that the first europeans words ever uttered in amerca were "Scarf, theres a whole other world in this universe." Although basic geography proved him wrong, the term "scarf!" was impressive enough. Another famous use of the word was when the Japenese dropped bombs on pearl habor. insiders claim president roosevelt said, under his breath, "may god help us, those filthy japs just scarfed us good." The americans, however, scarfed "those filthy japs" back hard when they dropped 2 a- bombs. Nowadays, the term is universal, and mostly echoed through the feilds of sportexpo in laval, and in the hallways of vanier college. When life's treating you badly, scream scarf in anguish, when life's treating you nicley, yell scarf with a hint of pride (not too much its a deadly sin), and when you have nothing to say.....just say scarf.
-"oh man I just loaded the partner, I just got pure jon costa'ed scarf!"


-"Man we lost against those cry-babies, we could have won if it wasn't for shinpads!"

by fc rhs November 07, 2008
The combo of a metaphorical Jew, a piece of shit straight out of a dogs asshole, a fag, a gay, a ugly SOB, traditional bitch.
Mr. Scarf, Mrs. Scarf, Bret Scarf, the scarf republic
by Dr. Fukdescarf May 26, 2012
When you are in gym class and someone pulls your pants down.
Dude, are those tighty whities? You got scarfed!
by ricanboi November 02, 2009
you can say it anyway you want.
it can have any meaning.
you just simply take out a random word in a sentence and fill it in with scarf.
it can mean something good, bad, cool, funny.
it has multiple meanings.
-dude your being really mean today.
-scarf off!

-Hey that chick is definitely scarfable!

-scarf! i forgot my keys!

-you need to get that dam money or ill scarf you up

by Hayley2729 April 26, 2008
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