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A mixture of caution and fear, usually associated with doing something you are not supposed to be doing.
Ashley: You driving home with all that weed in your car?
Me: Yeah.
Ashley: Be scareful.
Me: Oh I will.

Aaron: He drove home drunk?
Me: He'll make it he's going to be scareful.
by MssngDscpl November 26, 2009
varying from its root careful as being caused more from an emotion of fear or being scared
Her text message to him was scarefully constructed when she received his carefully worded divorce proposal.
by 10me July 05, 2013
The art of exercising caution while frightened out of one's wits.
If you're going down to the old boathouse armed only with a torch at this time of night to investigate the strange goings-on, unexplained disappearances, and terrifying noises, then just make sure you're scareful.
by OnTheFirm March 23, 2010
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