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A wonderful urban singer/entertainer! Usually sings hip-hop and R&B.
Mya is my favorite singer!
by ReB August 05, 2003
1.to sit somewhere in perpetual fear of something.
2.for ones hair to stand on end and one to emmit a high pitched scream of tension
1."piss of i ain't goin on no f**kin emu's back"
2.You F**kin BAS***D you F**Kin made me shit myself
by reb October 17, 2003
When a woman gets her clit bitten, hence making her scream.
"Someone gave me a Screaming Mimi when I wasn't looking!"
by Reb January 22, 2004
hoss To force something,using to much force. Without finesse - hossed
You would have landed that fish,but you hossed him.
by reb January 12, 2005
one having a head full of cucka, not a nice thing
your a cuckahead and always will be
by reb January 11, 2005
1.after, after before and before what happened after what just happened happened.
2.after, is when stupid people realize what happened ,happened
1."so what did you do today"?-"well i went to school and After that i went to you're house and had your mother"
2."right class what is 2+2"..........
by reb October 17, 2003
the amout of time it takes an STC to eat gregs out of business.
"oh hello could i get a sausage roll.....actully i'll just have everything"
by reb October 17, 2003

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