The reason how your car moves in the morning
The Pilot: Welcome to Saudi Arabia
The Passenger: Seriously!
by Fiftycopper August 14, 2007
The 'Kingdom of Saudi Arabia' is located on the Arabian peninsula.

The capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. This is where the Royal Family resides.
When I was a little girl, my parents decided to move to the Middle East.

Our life in Saudi Arabia was different from life in western countries in those days.

To us sport(s) ment everything!
by Barbara Gauss October 29, 2005
A country whose people resemble the Beverly Hillbillies: people who have no class, culture, or civility but happen upon large amounts of black gold. The profits of this are then used on flashy expenditures in order to create a pretense of civility among other peoples who are actually civilized (North Americans, Europeans, etc.). Source of most of the world's problems (birthplace, source, fount of funding for Islam).
If Saudi Arabia was nuked we wouldn't have to bother with Afghanistan, Iraq, and eventually every other Muslim country.
by Jojoyamamoto August 11, 2010
The only country on Earth without electricity whose glow can be seen from the moon.
Average Citizen of Saudi Arabia: Alalallalalalallalalalalalalalalal! KABOOM!!!
by Ryan1159 March 19, 2009
A country located in the Middle East. Has hella oil, the country has advanced industry but their policies are fucked up. People get executed in public, for commiting small crimes (stealing and such). And women? you guessed it, they have absolutely no rights in Saudi Arabia. Oh and dont go there if you are jewish.
Damn Saudi Arabians need to watch some porn.
by ilikesex December 04, 2006
There is nothing except desert. It is so hot most time of the year that there is no outdoor life. Streets are generally empty during day time. Although it looks like the most conservative Muslim country from outside, it is affected by American culture so much. The famous global fast food chains can be seen in all around of the country. Gas is so cheap that everywhere is full of big American cars. It is cheaper than water.

There are lots of foreign workers here from different places of world. But especially they are from Pakistan, Indian and Philippines. They make those kinds of jobs that Saudi people do not want to do. Actually Saudi people do not want to do any job. As a result most of the jobs of country are done by foreign.
All women have to wear black dress, Muslim women also have to wear scarf besides black dress. Women cannot drive a car, it is banned. Saudi men can marry with up to 4 women. Thus, they have big family that is why they live in the big houses surrounded by walls.
Saudi Arabia has the biggest oil reserves in the world.
by ncknm February 24, 2013
The most importatant islamic country in the world because of the two hloy towns there(MAKKAH & MADINAH)..all muslims must (if they can) go to saudi arabia at least on time to perform pilgrimage (Hajj)and all muslis must resort thier bodies to Saudi arabia(where makkah in) five times a day because of the pray. Almost all muslim scientists in saudi do not agree with osmama bin laden and alqaeda but on the other hand saudis see that bush and who agree him as terrorism.

About the one who wants bush to come to saudi for fight, do not you realise that all muslims will really be terrorism against Bush and his army.Saudis are only about 18 milloins but muslims are about one billion.This is I think the most important reason that prevent bush and actually the American congress from fighting saudia.
saudis do not hate people in the west but they hate the terrorist policy there.

Japanese do not have to hate American people because of the Atomic bomb which was launched by America policy.
by waleed May 18, 2004

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