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A Jaguar, derived from the Arabic language.
A rabbit was killed by a FAHAD
by Faadi Fido February 04, 2010
226 77
To accomplish great things in the field of mathematics. The term itself draws parallels with unrivaled success with anything math related.
"Hey man, I just did a Fahad on that Math test"

"Not so good, my Fahad senses were failing me"
by Mitul Bhakta January 22, 2009
205 77
a hardworking, charming, intellectual that has an amazing personality. He strives for accomplishments but at the same time strives to help people in need. probably the sweetest man alive.
Fahad, you really know how to help people
by jasthinksthatfahadishott July 27, 2011
167 45
A super cute, foreign guy, generally loved by everyone! Usually one of the most popular guys at school, and loved by girls. Amazing sense of humor and extremely smart! Extremely caring and sensitive as well. Most importantly, AMAZING IN BED. Huge, well manscaped dick with the right skills to back them up (;. All around perfect guy.
Dude, does he think he's Fahad or something?
by Christina Armado December 29, 2011
116 38
Quite possibly the hottest guy out there right now, he is very nice to those he likes, and he's liked by many.
People crush on him all the time,(cuz he's a hottie with a body) ; ) yet he's mostly clueless about that. He always looks good, wether he shaved or not, dressed up or just in his pajama bottoms. The guy looks good, got a heart of gold too! With a killer smile, and riveting come hither eyes.
Girl #1: oh girl there ain't no one worth makin' out with in this room....

Girl # 2: I know, they is just a bunch of posers......

fahad walks in.....

Girl # 1 & 2: ZOMG!!!! WOW he's like, so fahad!
by L44tStr33txXx September 01, 2008
32 3
Someone who has a very negative attitude in life and has a strong hate for Bijan.
John: Shut up!!!
Eric: Boy, John is a Fahad.
by Daniel Finn February 07, 2011
37 103