Satanism doesn ' t mean you worship the devil ,
in ancient hebrew , satan meant the opposer ,
Satan opposes the hypocritical morals of the so called " holy church " and its followers ,
so basicly , if you follow satanism ,
that just means your an atheist ,
a aggressive atheist
by kidditskunchok August 19, 2010
1. To actually worship the devil. There is Luciferianism, but for the most part this is just a lie created by the church to strengthen people's faith in god. See bullshit.

2. Created by Anton Szandor LaVey, this is a religion that is basically Ayn Rand's and Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy set to rules and satanic imagery.

3. Setian Satanism, worshiping the Egyptian god of the desert, storms, and chaos, Set (Pronounced Seth)
Satanism is a bunch of attention-grabbing bullshit, any kind.
by Metal6head January 08, 2008
Satanism is comonly thought to be one who worships the devil wich is quite wrong because that would be called a Luciferrian now a Satanist is someone who only believes in themselve they believe in there own religon they believe in pleasing themselves " self indulgece" wich to most people is considered one of the 7 deadly sins But Once again a Satanist is not someone who worships the devil
"Dumb Bitch" Omg she is sucha Satanist
"Meh" umm no.......... She's Catholic
"Dumb Bitch" but she wears soo much black
"Meh" Omg.....? i hate u.....
by Jazy December 28, 2004
Satanism is totally found to be wrong but it does not mean that some satanist is going to burn the church, kill animals or children, or perform a sconce. Its believed that Satan in greek is Hades lord of the sinners, undead, the underworld, fallen and also brother of Zeus aka Jesus which shows to many its possible they are brothers just they don't like each others ways.

Satan is found to have swept Pershepone off her feet and woe her and she became goddess of the afterlife or dead left behind but she also had three daughters. Named Artemistrea who is the goddess princess of those ghosts wandered the land of Sihde or land of undead and will turn any who do not obey her into stone, Esemera the youngest is the coldest, harshest, meanest, most wicked daughter and is the winged warrior that will throw scurging balls of fire and pain inflicting sores and ripping of the flesh those condemed in hell and does not take a sorry, Estwe Serini is the most beautiful some say she is the real white witch or winters angel with the power of winter, water, fire, and healing, prayer, song, & charm she makes the fallen themselves go to rest, she has the scent of a sea of flowers which tends to lead angels into her traps and she is the guarder of the children of hell she is known to be much like Pershepone to not cause pain she is proberly the sweetest out of all in She'Ol, but she was scent to earth to find a mortal man to love since she said no to the demons and had struck many immortal gods to grief. Artemistrea is known to cause war in men, affairs, and conflict with deaths punishment she is also a spreader of horrible deaths she is known to be a soul stealer. Esemera is known to spread sickness upon the living and debt but with the ability to travel between worlds she causes lots of damage, Estwe Serini is to wander among ghosts stuck behind and if she where to be among the living children are known to be attracted to her and that she would do good but deep down she likes to be in a fuss with the good ones. Satan also does not tell of where exactly his entery is or if there is one or the greeks never mentioned he was a father, or that Pershepone had a mortal sister who was turned immortal named Jarleena meaning disturbance of dreams who causes nightmares and untold stories within children, or which both Mother Nature and the Spirit of Death are workers for both sides good and evil.

Hell is to have nine levels each one with a specific punishment. The higher levels are wear flesh is ripped, the most fowel smells, and smoldering inflicts of pain. The Lowest said to be very cold, some lose the memory, some can't feel the pain only sorrow, or that those idoling their eyes are ripped out and eaten and their heads are turned and sewed on backwards according to Dante. There are five rivers (Acheron, Stynx, Lethe, Eridanos, Phlegethon) And woe is to be a lake of pure coldness that sadness is to be cold.

Halloween is said to be the birthday of Satan but really Hallow means empty referring to the Hallow's Eve means Eve taking from the tree of knowledge making sin enter man and that therefore the day of darkness which foretells that the Garden of Eden was banished and Adam and Eve left the Garden

Note: This is partially stories passed down or belifs told by others. Its your mind to think its fake or true.
"Satanism is luciferism"
"Satanism is a god damn myth"
by Waverly hills angel August 15, 2007
What the government indoctrinates you into practicing whether you realise it or not.

Selfish,self-worship,hedonism? (a.k.a. consumerism)
You have been institutionally indoctrinated.
An shallow atheistic "religion" that is a facade of pretentious moral subjectivism, mixing anti-christian and pagan imagery with a watered-down version of the philosophies of Nietzsche and the Marquis de Sade, that appeals largely to angry teenagers, Black Metal bands, and those who want to rebell against the percieved hypocrisy of religion and morality to justify their own selfishness.
Using Satanism to attack Christianity is like using Darth Vader to attack Star Wars. All you're disagreeing with is who wins in the end. It's stupid.
by Killing Kittens May 18, 2004
a "religion" that is a compendium of moral subjectivism, watered down Nietzche, and De Sade as well as some anti christian and Pagan ideas. It is also associated with darkness and violence. It is generally practised by angry immature pizza faced teens who are insecure and immature...
This is also the sort of thing that is a scapegoat for Columbined High Style School Shootings... By the way, due to the very dark and violent nature of this, it gets the practicioners a royal fucking up from the football and wrestling teams. The victims of said fucking up tend to chant the name of their dark lord while they're getting fucked up by the football and wrestling teams, is if that will help: The belief and advertisement of it is what starts the shit to begin with...
Uh, Oh!! The computer geeks and goths who do satanism better watch out! The football and wrestling teams are looking to fuck up somebody for squicking out them and the other "norms"!
by J. Michael Reiter November 01, 2004
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