A misunderstood term. There are many different faiths under satanism the most common is LeVayan Satanism, founded by Anton LeVay. It is attached to the Church of Satan and the Satanic bible. It is a more atheist (as they prefer to call themselves) point of view. Practicing rituals and spell writing and incantation relates it to Wicca or Pagan groups. Though the group practices magic, majic, magick, majik, or how ever you would like to spell it they do not believe in a celestial being or "God" except for themselves creating the philosophy "You are your own God" a point of view meaning you choose your own destiny not a false being claimed to have created all the existence from nothingness. Another View of satanism believes Satan was the true creator and during an inquisition the catholic church stole satanism and turned it into the opposing religion. These satanists usually practice the Ars Goetia, or the art of summoning of the 72 demons. They practice summonings, rituals, and spells found in LeVayan Satanism. Another for of satanism believes the bible and everything it says but choose to fallow Satan and his army of hell. These satanists are/where common on the black metal scene especially in the 90's. Satanism can be related to Christianity and Judaism because of its extensive branches each believing very many differences.
Satanism is by far the most misunderstood religions.
by Jon Hallowell October 17, 2007
A religion based on indulgance rather than chastity, services include men dressed in long black robes and women dressing seductivly or nude. Does not promote multiple sexual relationships but does not chasty them if it fullfills the desires of the individual.
Satanism has nothing to do with the Satan of the bible.
by Anonymous December 19, 2003
The most realistic religion on the planet. It preaches belief in oneself as the ultimate god. While true Satanism has nothing to do with Christianity(except to point out Christianity's obvious flaws), it does reference it a lot in order to clarify its own belief system.

Basically the main difference between Chritianity and Satanism is that Christianity preaches that you should harm no one, not even your enemies. Satanism, on the other hand preaches that you should harm no one unless they cause, or intend harm to you, in which case, you should kick their fucking ass.

The only real flaw in Satanism is it's name. If it were called something else, it might be more widely accepted by other people.
Satanism is a great religion, but would be a lot more popular if it was called something else, like maybe Humanism...
by Kronen V2 May 08, 2010
Satanism refers to a wide range of mostly left-handed faiths, including (but not limited to):
a) Reverse Christianity
b) Setianism
c) Sat/tanism
d) Luciferianism (or original satanism)
e) LaVeyan satanism
f) Symbolic (or modern) satanism.
As a short description of each:
The most readily-recognised of these is reverse christianity. This refers to those who espouse vice rather than virtue and act in all ways to perform 'evil'. However, it is also the minority.

After that, LaVeyan satanism is the next most easily recognised. LaVeyan satanism is an ethical egoist organisation (that is, it supports the idea that the individual should serve themselves). It also contains a sense of pantheism, in that it holds that all people are connected to power and can use it to perform magic. It is based on the satanic laws of the earth, and was founded by LaVey.

Luciferianism is the veneration of Lucifer as a positive role. It derives from Gnosticism (a christian sect which believed that God was pure wisdom, and we should seek this wisdom), some members of which decided that God could not possibly be wise and that it was Lucifer who should be venerated, as a positive, wisdom-bringing deity.

Sat/Tanism is more obscure. The name is a pun on "being and becoming", and is a combination of self-venerating practices and earth magic ultimately aimed at apotheosis (becoming a god).

Setianism is a mystery cult (a religion in which one is initiated into higher and higher levels, a little like freemasonry), based around the veneration of Set, from the Egyptian pantheon.

Finally, Symbolic satanism is a catch-all term for anti-theistic or self-venerating practices, often involving magic.
a) Alfie is a reverse christian. He does evil for evil's sake.
b) Beth is a Setianist. She's about to take another initiation in following Set.
c) Craig is a Sat/tanist. He thinks he's found the road to apotheosis; we'll see.
d) Diana is a Luciferian. She venerates Lucifer in the hope that he will save her soul and grant her wisdom.
e) Ethel is a LaVeyan satanist. She follows the Eleven Laws of Satanism, and will act in her self-interest whenever possible.
f) Frank is a symbolic satanist. He performs ritual magic and hopes to perfect himself, but doesn't claim a long pedigree for his faith.
by crabbadon March 05, 2009
Satanism is a religon that involves spritual practices. Not animal sacrifices or maniacs bent on killing people for "Satan" no it is a... hmmm Spritual and all-loving religion. That is abused and misused in everyday life. It is a Pagan religion meaning noramlly polytheistic and to be created and founded first for people. Yes Satanism is polytheistic it believes in all the Demons and Demonesses there is, but they are good and angels are evil and there is no such thing as god Just Satan and his brother's and sister's and his Wife and all the other Demon's there are. They believe hell is a place you can visit if you find a gate to hell. And they see auras by opening their third-eyes. And they believe in reincarnation-die then born again- They believe in the winter solstice as a religion and many other holidays are placed alot of their artifacts were covered up by Christians trying to hide them and use them such as the Ankh-found in egypt- And some others I don't know the names to. And they also believe in meditation as a way to open your mind and stregthen your body and soul. Beleives in chakras also. And many more things, but those things would take forever to name.
I am a Satanist I go to the website. joyofsatan.com And in there it explains the religous aspects of Satanism Probally better than I do.
by PK-USA November 02, 2011
There are many brands of Satanism, I'll outline 2 of these:

First, there is LaVey (I think) Satanism. This promotes worship of one's self, practicing indulgence in the 7 "deadly" sins, and other such things. This is pretty much just a step up from Atheism where instead of the high range of morals that Atheists have, you get "lower" morals. (An Atheist can still believe in what the Cristian Church preaches in terms of morals. i.e. monogamy, abstinence before marriage, etc. while not believing in God. LaVey Satanists can't have similar morals to the Church.) This practice has nothing to do at all with Lucifer, or any of his followers. These are not bad people, freaks, or any of the other labels they've been given on this site.

Another type of Satanist is the Lucifarian (SP?) Satanists, who worship Lucifer (Satan, The Devil, The Fallen Angel, The Morning Star) as their idol. These people worship Lucifer because he is the bringer of forbidden light, he wanted humanity to have the knowledge that God and his angels do. I think they believe in a sort of "unholy trinity" consisting of Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Astaroth(SP?), though I'm not sure about that last point.
Note: Neither type of Satanism are bad people, they believe what they believe, discriminating against them is just as bad as discriminating against Muslims, Jews, or any other religion. Also, Satanist being anti-Cristian is of no importance, as all monotheist religions are anti-other religions.

P.S. I'm atheist, so this is fairly objective =D
something that most people think is bad but its not and most satanist dont worship the devil.thats called levay satanism. they worship satan as a symbol of freedom and power and indepence.
then theres spirtual satanism and traditional i think these to differ form each other but bascily they believe satan as a being but not as an evil being but a god .
and being a satanist dosent mean killing and orgies like some people say thiose people are weird and crazy.
kid:is satanism evil mommy?
woman:no and u shold respect all religion and give them the benefit of the doubt and u should look into them instead of jugdeing them.
by supervamp July 24, 2008
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