Apparently they come in several varieties but here are two such varieties:

Narcissistic,self-worshiping,atheistic,social darwinists who embrace hedonism and espouse anti-Christian ideals but deny the existence of any god or gods and even deny the existence of their namesake Satan.

Then there are some Satanists who do admit that god exists but they openly serve Satan instead whom they admit exists.
Get a life you fuckin losers.
LaVeyan Satanism = goth Atheism

It's adherents play Halloween 365 days a year!

Like normal atheists they are an anti-Christian hate group.

Setian Satanists = admit to worshiping Satan and make no bones about it.
In short they're all a bunch of fuckin sick,twisted ass freaks!
by y'all are fucked up February 27, 2005

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