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Barbera Streisand
Barbera Streisand is SATAN!!!
by Et Moi! January 03, 2004
1221 664
a misunderstood guy. he makes sure heaven doesn't have any bad people ruining it for everyone. wow. what a great guy.
would hitler fit in heaven? NO
by Even Flow May 31, 2005
723 267
Who dyslexic kids ask for Christmas presents.
I want a Tire Fruck and a Beddy Tear for Christmas, Satan!
by TubaGuitarMan February 12, 2007
636 187
Santa spelled wrong...
s-a-n-t-a santa
s-a-t-a-n satan
by boom durka durka boom April 05, 2006
634 242
Sleeps with his homosexual lover Saddam Hussein who seems to have an endless supply of giant rubber dicks.
Satan has a giant red ass just like Liza Minelli.
by Jimmy Kimmel March 13, 2005
518 242
Really exists otherwise Politicians all throughout history wouldn't have worshiped him and implemented his plan.
Ya better figure it out mang.
403 189
Scapegoat for christians when they succumb to human urges.
At confession:

Forgive me father Matthew, Satan made me lust over my wife last night!
by Mr. Bird April 30, 2005
378 200