Originally a Pagan god, taken by the Christians during the Crusades and Secular State ages and turned into Christianity's adversary.

Happened right around the time the Bible was picked and prodded together, rejecting earlier first hand testaments like that of Judas and Mary Magdalene.
Church: "Our numbers are downeth, ask thee marketing teameth what thee other religions, are doing that we aren'teth doing"

Servant: "It appears thine haveth entities that representeth good AND evil. One god by the nameth of Satan, is used to represent some sort of wrongeth doing to others or some sorteth."

Church: "Thine haveth a god for evil? Well, we'll just tell everyone he's OUR god's enemy, and worshipping thee gets you in someth sort of celestial jail."

Servant: "Celestial jail, sir?"

Church: "What could we calleth it?"

Servant: "Hell, I don't knoweth."
by anonymously_wasted August 14, 2006

Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks.

2. Commonly know as, the devil.
1. SATAN kept me secure in the mid 1990's.

2. Hail Satan!
by Vivec May 15, 2005
The guy to whom the Stones give sympathy (they call him the devil).
Pleased to meet you
Won't you turn my way?
by staccato brainstem February 14, 2005
Satan is nobody's friend.
If he was an ice-cream flavor he'd be pralines and dick!
by Garth March 03, 2005
Satan has come forth in human form as dubstep producer Rusko. He is (as of August 2010) involved in an uberEpic battle with his nemesis God (aka deadmau5).
Rusko is the second coming of Satan!!
by Rellik Uzi August 18, 2010
1. Big red dude that lives in hell
2. Marlyn Manson's Bestest buddy
3. daddy of the Antichrist
4. Recreational Killer that likes to use Satanism in a situation
1. Hello all welcome to hell please get in line for your torture
2. Marlyn you look great in that Camisole
4. Cop1: we have a Satan down at the Warehouse sexually toturing women
by Scary Terry April 08, 2005
A man of wealth and taste. (After the Rolling Stones.) His role is much maligned. He actually keeps his minions from sticking in the pitchforks that much harder.
Allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste.
by Fearman August 25, 2007
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