The adversary of God and human beings. Satan was once an angel named Lucifer, but he and one-third of the angels in heaven rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven. Satan disguised himelf as a serpent, tempting Adam and Eve, and plunging the world in sin. Satan's goal is to use human beings against God--by tempting us to sin against him. His problem is with God, but merely uses human beings as pawns against God. The good news is that Satan and his demons and the prinicipalities of darkness were defeated at Calvary thanks to the Cross of Jesus Christ and his redemptive plan for us. Redemption now gives human beings the choice to follow Satan and the corrupt flesh we have, or follow God and his ways.
The good news is that Satan is a defeated foe and will have his dimise at judement day when he is cast into the Lake of Fire with his followers, demons and the antichrist.
by krock1dk May 25, 2008
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The best friend the Christian religion has ever had, and who has kept them in business for two thousand years.
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
Saddam's gay lover on South Park.
by dj gs68 July 09, 2003
Who politicians serve.
Who politicians want YOU to serve.
by Satan is a political whore! February 16, 2005
The Dark One, a.k.a Martha Stewart.
Martha Stewart can help you decorate your home with just a pine cone and some glitter...and then she'll eat you soul.
by Jeremy V April 01, 2005
The profoundly evil adversary of God and humanity, often identified with the leader of the fallen angels, the Devil.the archfiend Satan, Old Nick, Devil, the Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Tempter, Prince of Darkness]
master of Hell
After that child had broken my windows,Lit my house on fire and ate my cat spaghetti style, I believe he had satan in him.
by Down4People October 13, 2003
Christianity's big bad scapegoat/boogieman. Originally a Jewish demon-like character who tested you, but changed into the all-evil devil that Christians blame everything on. Allows for the dismissal of accountability.
OJ: "Satan made me do it!"
Pope: "You are forgiven."
by kelvin July 19, 2003
a misunderstood guy. he makes sure heaven doesn't have any bad people ruining it for everyone. wow. what a great guy.
would hitler fit in heaven? NO
by Even Flow May 31, 2005
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