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The finest girl anyone has ever seen. Very, very rare. Perfection.
Oh. My. God. That girl was Sara. I have to get her number...!
by bbixsl December 05, 2009
947 470
A person who is very hot and has the greatest personality ever! In hebrew Sara means princess. There for you should treat her as if she was one! Sara is also a very irresistable person.
Damn! That Sara chick is so fine!
I wish that Sara chick was single cause then she would be mine!
by Michelia March 29, 2008
7670 3049
The better way to spell the name sara. no need for a letter that is not pronounced. also means she is more unique then the sarahs with the h.
what's your name?
how is it spelled?
the better way... :D
by volleyball April 13, 2008
4671 2280
the best person you'll ever meet, not a slut or a hoe, but a gorgeous human being. well loved by many, feared by tons! she is positively gorgeous, FEAR HER
person 1:Hey did you hear about Sara
person 2: Shit yeah I did man I'm fucking scared of her
person 3: yeah man she's fucking smokin!
by SDL June 18, 2008
3019 1776
Subject of a Bob Dylan Song; related to the name sarah, Hebrew for princess; all who posess the name have a tendancy to correct all misspelling when in regards to themselves, or call themselves "Sara-no-h".
-hello, may I get your name?
--Sara, Sara-no-h.
-Thank you Sara.

-Man, that Bob Dylan song is soo cool, I'm going to name my daughter Sara, its so much better without the h at the end.
by Sara C October 26, 2005
2934 1772
Sara -noun. Sara is contagious, always the life of the party. She is vivacious and entertaining, being outspoken but never obnoxious or overbearing. Sara lights up the room with pure personality, but be aware; Sara is a hottie with legs for miles and a mega-watt smile. Sara is fiercely loyal to her friends, but don't piss her off; she can be vindictive and has been reported as having a temper, but only if provoked. The name is derived from Hebrew as meaning 'Princess' and Sara should always be treated as such. Mostly because she deserves it!
See that blonde with the smile, surrounded by 69 people? That has to be Sara!
by StarliteSK January 31, 2007
1812 826
girl who is usually the one who can put away the most alchohol.
Wow you're pullin a sara tonight.
by twitterpated September 12, 2008
2155 1298
the most freaking beautiful girl you'll ever see. She alwways multiple guys after her. She's kind, sweet, hot, easy-going, and amazing. She's a princess, which is funny because Sara means princess in Hebrew.

Most "Sara's" are better than "Sarah's". They're more unique, less stuck up, and just the best in general.

When Sara likes a guy, it's not because of their sexual appeal. Its the same with a guy liking sara.
Dude, you don't even understand the incredible magnitude of how amazing sara is!

I love Sara.

That girls so freaking beautiful, she must be a Sara!
by RyanP.C.GBHS June 20, 2011
1007 341