Fun, trustworthy, humorous, smart, honest, caring and killer looks! She has everything to become anyone's best friend. People who are not her friend anymore dont know what they are missing in life now! No one is like Sara. She belongs to a totally different league.
The translation of "Sara" is "princess"
by chawal July 16, 2010
A sexy amazing girl who has tons of guy friends and they all like her but they're to shy to admit it. Shes also gorgeous and has her own unique style . She's tough , smart , not so classy. Loves to live life to the fullest. Shy at 1st but wen you get to know her your like! Damn she's sexy , smart , funny, and badass!
That chic is so boring i wish she was a Sara!
by -TheMuthafukka- March 17, 2010
The finest girl anyone has ever seen. Very, very rare. Perfection.
Oh. My. God. That girl was Sara. I have to get her number...!
by bbixsl December 05, 2009
a very happy girl, crafty and creative, always with a smile on her face. Can be your very best friend or your worst enemy- usually your best friend. Very sweet and friendly often stubborn and very outspoken. She stands up for what she thinks is right and defends those that are too shy to defend themselves. Her favorite thing is Smiley Faces.
I don't like my new supervisor, I wish she was Sara.
by SmileyAddict November 21, 2010
A special type of dance that is both sexual and orgasmic.
Fool, I was dancing sara all over that beezy last night!
by i'm fxckin May 25, 2007
A Gorgeous, beautiful, sweet, and funny girl. Falls in love easily and never lets that person go. But shes amazing and will always be there for her friends ! All people love her and she has TONS of friends. She is an amazing person to have in your life and if you leave her its your mistake. Sorry if you lost a Sara cause their Amazing. Shes so fun to hang with and loves to PARTYYYY loves long relationships and has the best time doing whatever!
Guy 1: Hey look thats Sara !! Isnt she Sexy !!

Friends: Awww sara thank you soo much for being there for me, i love you sooooo much <3
by Inlove27 October 15, 2011
a girl who often gets the hiccups and apologizes profusely over and over again.
Sara: "Sorry, i have the hiccups"
by dramakiddie January 20, 2009
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