its the bestest name ever and every person should name their kid that b/c its the name of the hawtest most awesome person who ever walked the earth. almost as cool as Jesus(:
sara is my name suckaas.
by sarachon February 05, 2010
talking cleavage aka smokeymelons
sara has talking cleavage
by steven loiselle November 08, 2008
Fun, trustworthy, humorous, smart, honest, caring and killer looks! She has everything to become anyone's best friend. People who are not her friend anymore dont know what they are missing in life now! No one is like Sara. She belongs to a totally different league.
The translation of "Sara" is "princess"
by chawal July 16, 2010
The most beautiful girl in the world. The girl who looks at me like a best friend but I look at her like my secret crush!
Sara is awesome and there is no one more perfect.
by like15 April 08, 2011
a person with alot of haters, because she is pretty amazing (: relationships with abunch of lame asses. but will finds the one of her dreams <3.
by bigbootybitch101 November 24, 2010
1. a great great great friend who goes through many similar things as her bestfriends. she is always there and is very bubbly. she laughs all the time and is there through everything. she'll make you smile even at the worst times in your life. and helps you with anything and will listen to anything you have to say.

2. gorgeous girl. always there for you. makes you laugh even when you cant smile. can make herself look pregnet hah. type of girl thats hard to be mad at or annoyed
with, shes there for you when you really need someone.

3.often mistaken for your lesbien lover when with her.
1. shes such an amazing friend.
i know, such a sara.
2. i really need a sara right now.
3. be careful walking with sara, people may ask if you're together.
by wesbien wovers November 26, 2008
a girl you take to formal
sara will you got to winter formal with me?
by obesemang December 07, 2010

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