a girl you take to formal
sara will you got to winter formal with me?
by obesemang December 07, 2010
The most beautiful and amazing person you will ever meet. She's gorgeous not hot, she is a lady not trash. She deserves respect because she is unlike any of these other girls. She has an amazing personality, there is never a dull moment, if I had to choose between breathing and seeing her Id hold my breath as long as I could to see her one last time. She's just that beautiful! She is a kind person that you can always can always count on, even if you passed out she wouldn't freak out and leave you she'd sit there and help. All in all you will never find a person greater than Sara, she is hands down the most amazing person you will ever meet. If I had to describe her in 4 words it would be "Perfection at it's finest."
That Sara girl is amazing, I think I have the worlds biggest crush on her.
by TheFlyinHawaiian7 September 07, 2014
an amazing babe that is every ones friend and make any day better, a very cool person and a gangsta!
new guy: "who is that babe?"
group: "that's Sara the coolest gangsta you will ever meet!"
by loganitus99 June 14, 2011
Sara is very attractive person. She is hot, sexy, has a perfect body even when she eats a ton. She is a person who has had many boyfriends but only really liked a few of them. She has a mean attitude and can keep a grudge for a life time. Getting her mad would be a mistake....for you. She will destroy you before you could even blink. A Sara usually likes a guy who is tall, attractive, funny, has dark hair and a nice body. She prefers a guy who is not to sweet but not a total jerk....When she drates she is shy at first but don't let her go because you haven't seen nothing yet. If you have than you just made the biggest mistake. A Sara is an amazing kissers and likes when guys hold her hands. Saras like chewing gum and are bad at science. Sara means princess in Hebrew so treat her like a princess.
"Hey i met a hit and funny girl"

"Her name is Sara isn't it?"
by bubble000 May 18, 2013
Sara means princess in Hebrew, so treat her like one. She doesn't look for sex in guys, though you can catch her staring at abs or v-lines once in a while. Sara is a sweet, quiet and kind person before you meet her, but when you get to know her she can reach some pretty loud octaves. She has an amazing sense of humor that most people wont understand. Sara is beautiful and a great artist. She can sing, though she doesn't really like to share it. Her stare can bring a man to his knees. Sara may act secure with herself, but sometimes she has her bad days. She blushes at the smallest thing, which most boys find cutely adorable. She is, in heart just a good natured southern girl. When people move Sara will miss them like no tomorrow and vice versa. When she develops a crush, it doesn't just go away. It grows, and it is hard for her to stop liking that person. Sara has many friends in both genders, and most "groups" (I.e., loners, popular, preppy) She can hold relationships for a long time, and most of the time its other people breaking her heart, instead of her breaking theirs. If you ever find a Sara, get her while you can, because you wont find another girl like this in a million years.
Haydn: Look at Sara, she just ran into Alex
Haley: Aww, she's blushing! I think she might like him.

Haydn: really? I guess I don't have a chance then. Why does she have to be so cute?
Haley: Who knows? Maybe in a few years you could. I'm so jealous, why does she have to be so pretty!

Haydn will keep watching her as she walks to her locker, wishing he could find a Sara.
by Alex543 May 20, 2015
Sara- the better way to spell it. No need for the silent 'h'. Sara means princess in Hebrew, therefore, Sara should be treated like a princess. Sara is hilarious and sexy. She's just like 1 of the bros, but she has a vajeen and tits
I was hanging with the bros and sara showed up, Breaking our sausage fest.
by God of yourself July 26, 2012
the most beautiful girl in the world who is super nice has a great personality and is always right overall a great person who has a lame boyfriend whos name usually starts with an L she says hes the best which we all know she is wrong
guy 1: man did you see sara walk by?

guy 2: yea but we all know shes has lame boyfriend

guy 3: yea Luke i hate that guy

guy 4: who doesn't ?
by lame boyfriend 12 June 28, 2011

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