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Playing with or using apps (applications) on an (Apple) iPhone.

iPhone users are often "apping" in a similar way to mobile phone users texting.

iPhone users "app" together / are found "apping" when showing each other their apps (applications) and what they do.
by Lovely Lesley April 23, 2010
Shopping for applications on a smart phone.
Samantha is not on her phone emailing, she's not texting, she's apping.
by Dasamer November 06, 2010
The act of using cellular telephone applications without conversing.
The four of us sat in the car silently apping so to update our social networks.
by Mateo Spectacularrr June 13, 2010
It is the process of applying to someone/something.
So how is your apping process coming along?
What universities are you apping to this Fall?
by Jaguar Paw November 14, 2008
Using a social networking site, such as Facebook or Myspace, not for communicating with friends and family, but instead for Applications such as: Farmville, Fishville, Yoville, Petville, Mafia Wars, Tiki Farm, Etc.
"Emily doesn't even talk to anyone on Facebook. She just gets online everyday to harvest her Farmville Farm! I get sick of people who only use Facebook just for apping"
by P.A.F.A March 11, 2010
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