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Adjective - Neat, upbeat, if it's a sound, it "has a ring to it", etc.

Synonyms: Cool
Gee, that song is catchy!
by SilusW December 19, 2004
Truly one of the best, most unique MMORPGs
ever. If somebody calls it overrated,
they are. The installing does take a very
long time, but it is so worth it.
Otherwise known as FFXI or FF11, it's the 11th Final Fantasy game, and the first online one.
First guy: Hey, played Final Fantasy XI lately?

Second guy: Oh yeah, I finally got level 30!
by SilusW April 04, 2005
Origin: A more appropriate way of saying "Yackabating." The s is for "self" and apping is from "yapping."

Def: To talk to oneself
Bob: Hey, I won the race!
Bob: Oh, well nice.
Bob: Hey, Thanks!

Joe: Hey Bob, stop sapping.
by SilusW April 04, 2005
Among one of the best suburb cities in all of Texas. It's near Dallas, and it ROCKS. 30% of the people here have bad personalities but, hint hint, they aren't from around here.
Person 1: Here's a joke, why is Plano called Plano?

Person 2: It's just a Plain Ol' town!

*Person 1 & 2 laugh*
by SilusW April 06, 2005

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