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Used when requesting a beer, allows for discretion as to not attract vast amounts of beer pan handlers. Especially when in large crowds of poor college students or moochers. There is no verbal response, the only response is to procure a beer for the requesting individual. this method originated on Long Island Maine as a fix to an all to common problem.
Individual 1: "Hey Val, santa Fe."
Val: (Returns with Beer without attracting unwanted attention)
by Bisquickandturkey101 November 14, 2011
A tourist trap and tacky adobe facade of a long-lost New Mexico that is punctuated by overpriced gay-operated bed-and-breakfasts. Boring museums abound, nearly as much as the number of pretentious restaurants serving expensive and delicious street food under the label of "fine dining". Sadly, the aboriginal population has yet to share in the wealth of the local economy as evidenced by the vast barrios and hispanic ghettos which remain hidden from the average tourist.
While enjoying my $300-a-night bed-and-breakfast in Santa Fe operated by a pair of flaming queens, my trip computer erroneously dropped me into a scary ghetto just on the edge of town. After returning downtown, I spent the most boring day of my life perusing cactus art museums and eating $10 tacos in a restaurant saturated with even more cactus art. The most annoying thing about Santa Fe would be the superficial tourists who call this "charming".
by Frediam October 03, 2011
The capital of the State of New Mexico. Located in the north, about 3 hours from Colorado, Santa Fe is a mountainous desert region. With a very rich culture and history, Santa Fe attracts lots of artists and hippies, making it a very liberal town. The people are very friendly and laid-back. Santa Fe is often called the 'Land of Entrapment' because most people who live there for a significant amount of time either never leave or come back eventually. Some believe this is because of the intense energy the town posesses.
I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
by YourMom July 30, 2004
One of the greatest cities on earth, believe it. The town is just unlike anywhere else in the country. The city is the capital of the great state of New Mexico, and you should go there now!

Santa Fe is unique because of the citizens. The town is made up of politicians, mexicans, artists, hippies, snowboarders, musicians, authors, artists, dog lovers, and native americans, and alot of other strange citizens. Different people are what make the city what it is.

Everyone that lives there has some strange subculture UFO's, tantric sex, eastern religions, new agers, and people who's dogs have auras. The 60's are still alive there hence it is not abnormal to ask What is your sign?

What makes the city even better is the best snowboarding in New Mexico just an hour away.

go there now
Why do you want to go to Denver? to see pollution?
by Melanthex June 10, 2005
cute crossover SUV created for gay people who want to be soccer moms. low cost, and 'curb' appeal keep it desirable for closet homos trying to 'blend in'.
Awe: "Check out my new car"
Thentic: "Ummmm... what it is?"
Awe: "C'mon - it's a Santa Fe!"
Thentic: "Oh, doesn't look like something Tony Soprano would drive - but maybe Vito...did you see it on Queer as Folk?"
by Killa_Cambridge December 01, 2006
A shitty town in Texas. The inhabitants, who are very similar to The Hills Have Eyes people, enjoy having anal sex with their cousins, going to KKK meetings, having a horrible high school football team, and filming and producing farm animal pornography. Top imporst are dipping tobacco, chewing tobacco, moonshine, and white sheets with scissors. Enter with extreme caution...especially you colored folks.
Wait, when did Tyrone move to Santa Fe?

I dont know, but his Funeral service was last tuesday.
by ChetGunsmoke January 02, 2010
The act of multiple males railing a female one at a time. See train...
Man1: We gonna ride the Santa Fe tonight?
Man2: Everyone have their luggage checked and ready to go?
Woman: All aboard!!
by Joe October 12, 2004
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