The act of walking into a men's locker room while two men the age of 60 or older are taking a shower together.
After my tennis game, I walked into the locker room only to find that I saw a sandusky moment.
by Christopher N. December 09, 2011
When in an mma fight, you have your back taken and they attempt to put the third hook in to stop your movements.
That guy took my back and tried to sandusky me but I hipped out.
by Bendhg November 21, 2011
What happens after you take a wicked dump that causes you to not be able to sit back down in your work chair for 10-15mins after.
That mexican food gave me the worst sandusky ever.
by pie27J November 17, 2011
To be violated physically or mentally.

The act of violating is called sandusking.

To take a shower.

can be abbreviated as just sandusk.
I just sanduskied marc's ass in fifa bro, go see if you can get through to him he is locked in his room.

Yo dude, the hot water heater at my house is broken, can i take a sandusky at your place?

that bitch really sanduskied me, nothing i could have done..
by Dj Stuart November 13, 2011
v. to be royally screwed; taken; been had.
I got totally Sandusky'd by that shady used car salesmen.
by jimmypertnear November 13, 2011
verb; to rape or sexually assault. (alternate past tense ending, sanduskied)
Becare or you might get Sanduskied!

Don't Sandusky me!
by lightning bolts November 17, 2011
An asshole.
That guy just cut me off, what a Sandusky!
by bishswag November 16, 2011

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