v. (s-An-dusk-EE) 1. to be touched in the shower 2. To play around in the shower Pst. Sanduskied
n. (s-An-dusk-EE) the action of two males washing together.
Example 1: "I got sanduskied today. It was awful."
Example 2: "They are sanduskying right now."
Example 3: "We had a sandusky today.
by Eric the Great! November 29, 2011
To place one's hand on the leg of the person sitting next to you.
"That guy on the subway totaly Sandusky'd me"
by bptown November 16, 2011
N. 1. a pretty big downer. huge disappointment. something that at first appears to be beneficial, but subsequently turns out to be catastrophically destructive or detrimental.

V. 1. to be on the receiving end of an unexpected ass ramming figuratively speaking. to be handed the shitty end of the stick. to expect a pleasantry but instead experience intense pain, loss, humiliation etc.
friend 1 "i went to the theater to see the new Batman movie, but just as it started, i got shot in the back a crazy bastard"

friend 2 "oh man, you totally caught a sandusky on that one!"
by Jericho Whiplash July 20, 2012
That frothy substance which is a combination of lube,spooge and feces as a result of anal sex with (preferrably)a young boy.
I had to clean the Sandusky off my cock before the feds came by!
by Ely Leftcok December 28, 2011
The celebratory gesture often practiced after a victorious sporting event when young men hoist their coach over their heads while holding his backside and carrying him off the field.
After the team's glorious 4th quarter comeback, they Sandusky'd their head coach from the sideline to the locker room.
by Swerls November 14, 2011
The act of going up to someone covering their eyes, and before they answer you screem sandusky and grab their junk.
Me: guess who? (Covering their eyes)
Them: ummm
Me: sandusky!!!(grabbing junk)
by dr.love1734 January 30, 2012
Sandusky, long for "dusky" aka beer curling is a 2v2 drinking game. Each player has a partner across the table. The two players on each side are competing to make their opponents partner drink. a beer can or bottle is place on both sides, while the two players on one side each slide a bottle cap to the beer can. the farthest one from the can loses, and their partner across the table must drink. players shoot at the same time, and if anyone hits the can or goes off the table with their bottle cap, both team members must drink. first team to 21 shouts DUSKY! and then doesn't have to get raped by the creepy old man in the corner of the room (essential to the game).
Hey boys, lets go find a smooth surface and play some dusky!

I don't think its slippery enough to play sandusky here!

Grab 2 bottles and lets go shoot some dusky!
by APnAD December 30, 2011

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