A girl who will do anything to get the approval of her peers. Sandeep will start a fight and lose because of stupidity. She most likely will live in a basement with 5 or 6 other people.
Sandeep: *slaps*
Slapped girl: *punches in the face then points and laughs*
Sandeep: *cried* Why did you punch me? I'm telling.
Slapped girl: You slapped me. Karma.
by Karmaz August 30, 2011
(butt-all) a translucent word describing a man-child with natural homo sexual appearance and tendency . Sort of like a women is manipulative and egotistical and tends to calm his
short comings by depicting his friends in a negative light.Women generally repelled from this homo-sexual man child.
Yo bro I don't trust that guy is total Sandeep (but-all)
by UisaFSASG June 09, 2010
a name usually given to a person of whom is a weak minded, dull, and boring individual.
oh my god your such a Sandeep.
by tbh12345 May 18, 2010
Someone who is under the illusion that he is cool. On the contrary he is a freak of nature who enjoys passing time googling definitions of "cell phones" and making liverpool hate sites. Sandeep can also be used to describe one who is still in the "awkward" stage in life where he is just an embarrassment to himself and others.
"Ah, don't worry he'll grow out of the Sandeep stage very soon, as soon as he finishes going through puberty"
by LG999 December 28, 2009
N. One who stands inside of a gas station and watches another attempt to pump diesel gas into a sedan for five minutes before coming outside and telling the individual that they are trying to pump diesel gas into a sedan.
"Man, that Sandeep shoulda told me that I was being a dumbass five minutes ago. Can't believe it took that long."
by Turkey Baister February 13, 2007

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