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The area between the dick and the ass. Also referred to as the grundle or gooch.
Please fondle my sandbar.
by Jared April 16, 2003
An expression of lameness or douchebaggery.

Derived from the people who visit the sandbar on the Columbia River behind the Gorge Amphitheater instead of buying tickets for the show.
Can you believe those girls in the campground bathroom who are straightening their hair! That's so SANDBAR!

We're at a Dave Matthews show and those SANDBAR douche bags are blasting Snoop Dogg in their RV.

Me: I have to go back to work tomorrow.
by CPJP Vantage September 14, 2010
The act of wetting your penis and covering it with sand, then sticking it inside of a girl's ass
That bitch didn't even see the sandbar comin!
by beachboy November 30, 2004
See also: "nifkin" or "grundle"
the area between the bottom of your sack and your ass hole
come here and massage my sand bar
by niggers suck May 20, 2003
sandbar - when you shit in the toilet and the mound peaks above the water line forming a sandbar\
omg there are raisins in your sandbar homie1
by TurtleHDpokinU May 03, 2011
An extreme skid mark left on the toilet bowl.
I just had to scrub my brother's nasty ass sandbar off the toilet!
by Lamosa! October 23, 2007
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