As a person he is remarkable. One of a kind and even though Samuels can make mistakes in the past,they are humans, but they learn from them. There personality is great. They may be very shy and like to protect themselves but they def love to have a good time and have a great sense of humor. They are usually athletic and have a great smile and make the most cute/attractive faces. As a friend he would do anything to help
You in a problem. Samuels are great to confide to and will
NEVER give you bad advice. They usually come from a great family who is non-judgmental and have good morals for themselves and there children. They trust who their kids befriend and will always be there to help in any sistuation

As a boyfriend a Samuel can be remarkable to their girlfriend. It may be hard for him to express himself but he truly had a kind heart. Even though it takes along time for a Samuel to open up once they do, you'll be so glad that you made the choice to allow him into your life. They will love you with everything they have and do anything to preserve their relationship and stay true to themselves.

If you ever think about dating or befriending a Samuel do it or else you'll be missing out.
#love #romance #wonderful #pillow talk #great sex #caring #amazing #seductive
by Lovergirl95 April 22, 2012
Samuel is the best friend anyone could ever have. He has an enormous sweet tooth. And he is amazing at sports. He is hysterical and fun to be around. If you lose him, life would be nothing. He is one in a million, try to find yours, you might never know where one will pop up.
Samuel is amazing!
#emily #samuel #sam #sammy #hot
by Awkwardllama1018 December 27, 2011
As acquaintances or friends, you can always see Samuel with a lot of friends. Normally, he isn't very talkative, but he can crack amazing jokes and is a very humorous person. He is really kind and caring around people, and is also a sacrifice maker. These are most of the reasons everybody likes him.
Once you fall for a person with the name Samuel, and if he does too, you're very lucky. He will be even more kind and caring to you, then there's his generous, loyal, and amazing self. He's very reasonable and responsible. For some reason, he always has the time to talk to you, no matter if he says that he will be busy and will try to find time, he's always there for you.
Wow! Did you see (insert a female name here) with her boyfriend? I hear that her boyfriend is an awesome person that everybody is willing to die for just to be with?

Oh yeah, I've heard of him. He's Samuel.

Well! No wonder.
#name #meanings #friends #herp #derp
by Luna-chan July 31, 2013
A guy whos totally ninja
#wow #epic #ninja #jump #parkour
by Crazysam2002 September 12, 2013
My Hero. My lifesaver. I love you. I'm a proud braviour.
"Oh my BBRave, Samuel you're so perfect, you're my hero"
#bbrave #samuel #hero #lifesaver #kusjes
by AmberLaurens September 19, 2013
a professional alligator wrestler who lives in the dirty south of new mexico. Spends his weekends on his porch chewing tobacco and spitting into a tin can, but weekdays satisfying tourist's curiosity with a display of classic gator wrestling. In his spare time he likes to youtube magic tricks and practice them in the mirror. Samuel's are not afraid to get dirty, messy, smell like shit, and live life on the edge. They like attention and the sweet taste of honey on toast. When naked they spontaneously combust.
tourist-one: What is there to do in this god forsaken desert?

tourist-two: Have you heard of samuel?
tourist-one: No. Why? Is he some sort of magician?
tourist-two: Only in his spare time. He is a gator wrestler.
tourist-one: Damn, lets go see him wrestle!
#desert #alligator #wrestle #wrestler #youtube #magician #awesome #new mexico #samuel #dump #south #tobacco #tin can #spontaneous combustion #honey #toast
by thebestmanalivesincemeohwait June 25, 2010
Samuel is a brown haired, green eyed wonder. Even if you're having the worst day he can make it the best by just being there. He's always outgoing, funny, brave and he doesn't let others ruin anything for him. Samuel is protective, when anything happens to you he will come and rescue you. He ignites a spark in your heart when you see him and you're heartbeat is uncontrollable when you're talking to him. Samuel is secretive but he's always willing to exchange hearing his secrets for hearing yours. He's popular, gets along with everyone he meets and he loves sports especially rugby. Samuel is sweet and caring, he would do anything to see you happy.
Samuel: hey, you ok?

Me: i am now that you're here
#loving #caring #sweet #protective #sporty
by katie-anneb14 March 04, 2014
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