A person who is mean to others for no reason.
Omg he is being so nasty, he must be called Samuel.
by bobxxxxxpop November 27, 2011
This guy is a complete moron. All he thinks about is himself, if you piss him off, he'd make sure you know about it. If he wasn't happy, you'd know about it. He seeks attention all the time, maybe he doesn't get the attention he wants, and there are good reasons why he doesn't. He should think about others, and stop being so selfish.
by mtvawa May 25, 2012
A dude with priority issues...
Person 1: dude that kid has stayed on his xbox all day... even when naked chicks were having a pillow fight in his room!

Person 2: hmmm that kid must be a Samuel...
by aaaahhhhhhmun April 17, 2011
There is only one. And his last name is Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson starred in a colossal, genre-breaking, hilarious film known as Snakes on a Plane.

He has surpassed Denzel's swagger in my books.
by Ryan Jackson August 18, 2006
A man who loves my bestie and is a cool pup who owes me a bintang and a jersey because he loves me

from helena
damn that samuel is so nice because he is sending me a bintang! and he doesnt know what guh is
by heyaaheyyyeha January 13, 2011
A name used when the real name of the person is unknown
by Samuel? Samuel. September 26, 2010
A lonely tramp who will never get a girlfriend because he plays COD to much.
He's such a Samuel!
by That Guy who cannot be named April 04, 2011

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