A name that has been clinically proven to induce awesomeness.
by pseudonymous boch April 26, 2011
A amazingly hot guy, who hasn't dated a girl in forever. He cares for this girl so much, but stupid problems keep them apart. He hates that but still tries, and I believe they will be together one day. He is as close to perfect as it gets.
Samuel is fucking hot.
by HeatherBosargeIsGreat June 05, 2011
Nicknamed Sam, he's a truly amazing guy with an overactive penis. He is the bestest friend you could EVER have. And you'll most likely fall in love with him. Although you can easily get bored with him, your feelings will for him will never fully go away. He usually says stupid stuff that makes you mad, but there's no way you can't forgive him.
You see that guy? He's my best friend.. Samuel.
by bananasryummy August 02, 2011
an amazing sexy guy with a voice that'll take you to another world . he means the world to me and he's my everything , he is very sweet and perfect , you will never find a guy like him , he's special to me and to my heart , he's the reason i breathe and the reason my heart beats.
sam is my world , the love of my life , and i can't do anything without him , he will always care for you no matter what , his love is strong , he'll be your soulmate and your perfect opposite.
This is samuel , my soulmate

I love you samuel
by Ranoda July 23, 2011
Samuel is a person everyone needs. He'll be there for you. He's amazing at sports. Samuel is a natural leader. He's dedicated and really funny and charming, and deep down he's a real sweetheart. Samuel has a caring heart, and any girl would be extremely lucky to have a Samuel. Samuel is handsome and his eyes are gorgeous. He is silly at times, but he knows how to make people smile. He really has a heart of gold. He's supportive, and he makes all the girls go crazy. He's probably the most likely to leave a string of broken hearts behind when he leaves. Sam doesn't like to hurt your feelings, and he's a world class friend. Ladies love him, and he's the best guy I know.
Joan: who's that guy talking to Alice? He's really attractive!;)
Mallory: oh, that's Samuel. He's really chill.
by Sheflieswithoutwings July 15, 2014
The most hottest boy. The nicest boy out there, doesn't always show his care for people, but he does care. He would do anything to cheer someone up, he is loved by someone for sure.
samuel is the hottest
by 242011 November 24, 2011
A guy who's amazingly sweet but doesn't seem like it.

A Samuel is loyal to his friends, girlfriend and family. He likes to play it cool around his family, act romantic around his girlfriend and play around his family. He's a great guy and if you don't know a Samuel you should really get to know one.
Samuel is an amazing guy if you get to know him. He treats his girlfriend like a princess, and he takes a lead in the relationship. He likes hugs :3
Samuel is a really funny guy and he has a great sense of humour. He doesn't judge people and he doesn't listen to rumours or opinions of other people, he decides for himself. He has a really good intention.

Samuel is a really trustworthy guy.
"That guy is really sweet... he must a Samuel."
"Wow that guy is cool... must be a Samuel."
"He's a Samuel... you can tell because of his loyalty."
by Hisgirlfriend;) October 31, 2011

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