Guys named Samuel are amazing people. But one in particular from YouTube "sammyboyz1547" is the one and only. He is Korean. He has soft fluffy short black hair, deep complextion, short, skimpy and skinny, big white smile, cutest puppy dog eyes, and bone structure. He is dumb in school, responsible, somewhere where mature and immature meet, well mannered, polite, sweet, kind, nice, forgiving, trustable, not a big mouth, artistic, creative, imaginitive, computer nerd, video game loving, amazing baseball player, suckish basketball player, dorky/nerdy, hyper, A.D.D., energetic, smiley, laughy and giggly, positive energy, happy 24/7, athletic, 100% funny, outgoing, spontaneous, roller coaster and heights feared, adorable, raspy voiced, catholic but doubting his faith, video game dork, great storyteller, talkative, bad listener, childish, mature-ish, dirty mouthed, messed up dirty minded, friendly, big smile, target loving, french obsessed, crush on colleen and anna n. and madison but should date colleen because she wanted that since 3rd grade for her to be mrs. colleen b., candy loving, dog lover, sport obsessed, crush on jennifer lopez and megan fox and katy perry, and apple and strawberry obsessed. Thats my crush---Sam
2. Samuel Is Going To Be My Husband Even If I Have To Kidnap Him And Force Him
3. This Is A Secret
4. I HATE EVERYONE EXCEPT Theater Friends and Him and God
by Holy Shit Im Colleen Or Am I July 30, 2012
Top Definition
A guy who is really sweet and amazing.
That guy is so a Samuel
by his.girl December 28, 2008
A dashingly handsome guy, with a sweet and caring heart. He can be very introspective, and is a bit predisposed to pessimism, but he cares about his friends and family and would never do anything to hurt them. He is brave. Not afraid to take risks, and does on a regular basis. He would take a bullet for his family or friends in a heartbeat. He has a great sense of humor and is loved by all.
"He's so rotten but lovable. His name must be Samuel."
by ruanndal441 February 03, 2010
Someone that cares too much for his girlfriend. So much he would take a bullet for her. He knows she's special and should be cared for.
Dude:That guy just jumped in front of that girl and took a bullet in the chest for her!

Dude 2:Dude bet his name's Samuel
by lev1234567 June 21, 2009
"Samuel" means: gorgeous, always ready to have fun, strong, brave, so funny, honest, sweet but so manly, generous, hard worker, sweet-tooth, honnest, engaging, exceptional, so sexy, greedy, easy-going, irresistible, talented.
Everyone needs a Samuel in his/her life: essential and perfection.
A touch of Samuel and you're in heaven. Samuel, you're perfect! Samuel, I love you.Everyone needs a Samuel in his/her life!
by Miss.S. February 16, 2010
The last of the prophets from the Old Testament, who annointed King Saul. The son of Elkanah and Hannah. She named him Samuel, saying, "Because I asked the LORD for him." (1 Samuel 1:20)
1 Samuel 3:4 -Then the LORD called Samuel. Samuel answered, "Here I am."
by Samwise73 February 03, 2010
The name of a guy who is amazing at life, basketball, golf, and everything else. He is fun the hang out with, he's super good-looking, has a great sense of humor, very smart, loving, generous, gentleman, and more. You can't go wrong having him as your best friend, or boyfriend. There is never a dull moment with him. You can trust him with anything, and he's the best advice giver in the world. He has great taste in clothes, even though he's perfectly straight, and will do anything to make his girlfriend happy. He was raised by some awesome people, and will be the best husband and father.
1) "Samuel, I love you."
2) "Samuel! Be good!"
3) "Buh-bye."
4) "I hahrt you."
by iloveyousamuelx3 March 21, 2010
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